Asian Development Foundation

We are committed “to create a people-centric society with ample scope of prosperity for all”


We the group of young and socially inclined enthusiastic people, who are working for the underprilled communities through various interventions under various thematic areas. 

For last 7 to 10 years we have been working for different organizations and feel the need of our own organization to implemnet our ideas having any limitations to get the desizerd goal for  targeted communities.

As per our discussion we have registered our oganization Asian Development foundation under Trust registration Act, in the year 2019. Since our inception we have organized numerous programs on health, education, livelihood, ecology and NRM related issues. We have long way to go and we are stressing on deeply aalysing the issues to provide long term solutions instead of focusing on project and funding.

As we have mentioned in the very first line, we are socially inclined and we are definitely act on the gaps which are coming out after proper research and field work.

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The main objective of Asian Development Foundation is to work for the upliftment of the underpreviledged and deprived section with the vision of creating a people-centric society. However, the following objectives are formulated to carry out the work from right perspectives:

  • To find out , examine and analyse relevent issues of the focus areas by using several methods and plan accordingly for the targeted population
  • To work for ensuring livelihood, education and sensitize people for a better healthy life ;
  •  To work for environment, ecology, and disaster related issues to protect environment and wildlife as well as quick action for disaster response and rescues;and
  • To promote  art, cuture, language and literature.


Changing life through precautionary and preventive measure!

For a country like India, where almost 220 million people are victims of hypertension. As per a recent ICMR Report, one in four adults in India suffers from hypertension.

From the inception of our organization, we have been taking measures to aware people about these issues. We are trying to protect them from these diseases at an early stage. Sumitra Kalita (35), one of our targeted beneficiaries told that she was highly benefited by the awareness programs and screening test of ADF.

“Now I am safe and healthy because ADF’s initiative. I thank them.”- She said.

Steps towards Hygienic way of Fish Drying

Northeastern India is a hub of ingenious fishes having more than 400 species. Since pre-historic period, people of the region traditionally drying fishes because of its abundance during monsoon. In Dishangmukh area of Sivasagar District, people are drying fishes traditionally.

District Fishery Officer, Soundarya Khound (Sivasagar) said- “People of Disangmukh area have inherent expertise of drying fishes, but they are not taking initiatives to maintain hygiene. Event they did not consider the moisture content of dried fishes which is the main cause of fungal attack that reduces the quality of dried fishes significantly. I am happy that ADF is taking initiative to mitigate all these problems to maximize the farmers’ profit.”


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